Urbano Village 

My cousin, Kylie Banks, is a girl after my own heart. She's always tracing her own tracks through the forests & mountains of this world and finding new and exciting ideas to bring to life. Her most recent adventure took her on a journey to launching an online store called Urbano Village. Basically you can buy anything from her- gifts, clothing, jewellery, homewares, and more. The difference to any other store though, is everything is ethical & when you purchase you know you are buying something that doesn't LITERALLY leave a mark on the world (the philosophical kind is Ok). The store has 7 values that it upholds. Each product will either be people loving, animal loving, planet loving, handcrafted, locally made, cause supporting or just reflecting "the good life". 

Kylie had so many products to shoot & we turned our friend Karyn's house upside down to get the best shots. Karyn, luckily, is also a girl making her own tracks through the forest, so totally understood this whole entrepreneur game. She also is a creative  so helped me style this beautiful shoot. My sister, De-Anna, also with a keen eye came along on the day and styled up a few of the scenes herself and gave a critical creative eye to what was being photographed. Not flowers here, just props. 

I always love working with Hannah Peuchmarin and she out did herself this day. She was on her feet non stop and managed to capture some beautiful images. 

Check out the new store here www.urbanovillage.com