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Emma Lemke, owner of Floral & Mineral, is an Australian based floral designer who spends most of her time servicing weddings in the Tweed Valley and Byron Bay areas; however, she is also available worldwide. She loves the opportunity to travel, and has done weddings in Brisbane, the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast and Melbourne. 

Her beautiful, natural and lush flower arrangements reflect her love for nature in its purest form and she is challenged in her work to reflect the true laws of natures; which is sometimes unruly, wild and imperfect.  Her mantra is summed up by this quote:

"God has not caused the flowers of the fields to grow in regular beds, with set borders, but He has scattered them like gems over the greensward, and they beautify the earth with their variety of form and colour. The trees of the forest are not in regular order. It is restful to eye and mind to range over the scenes of nature, over forest, hill, and valley, plain and river, enjoying the endless diversity of form and color, and the beauty with which trees, shrubs, and flowers are grouped in nature's garden, making it a picture of loveliness". Ellen White



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