Floral & Mineral (F&M) is a tiny collection of talented & self-taught florists who have a natural eye for shape, movement & complimentary colours. F&M was first established by Emma Lemke in 2015 & it has since grown into one of the most reputable & well established floral design brands on the Tweed Coast and Byron Bay. 

With a high demand for her services, Emma  trained up other floral enthusiasts who capably execute many of F&Ms weddings and reflect the unique & distinctive style that F&M has become known for - wild, different & romantic. 

With a little foraging, a little wildness, a little touch of romance & a lot of flora, F&M flowers are the perfect compliment to the bride who is  dreaming up a wedding that's a little bit different and a little bit impressive! 

Our beautiful, natural and lush flower arrangements reflect our love for nature in its purest form and we're constantly challenged in our work to reflect the true laws of nature;  unruly, wild and imperfect.  Our flower mantra is summed up by this quote:

"God has not caused the flowers of the fields to grow in regular beds, with set borders, but He has scattered them like gems over the greensward, and they beautify the earth with their variety of form and colour. The trees of the forest are not in regular order. It is restful to eye and mind to range over the scenes of nature, over forest, hill, and valley, plain and river, enjoying the endless diversity of form and colour, and the beauty with which trees, shrubs, and flowers are grouped in nature's garden, making it a picture of loveliness".  Ellen White



"Honestly couldn't have picked anyone better!

Floral & Mineral I'm so glad your creativity flooded my wedding day!

It was a precious array of floral beauty!"


"Emma, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for

an amazing magic arrangement of flowers...

I am so blessed to have worked with you and share this

special day with amazing people like yourself"


"Thanks again for doing such an amazing job at such short notice.

Even though I threw about a million ideas at you, you managed

to create exactly the styles and colours that I wanted"


"I just wanted to thank you again for the absolutely stunning flowers

you provided for us on Sunday. My bouquet was so beautiful!

It is so special to me that I am going to preserve it. 

The flower decorations for the table and cake were amazing too.

I especially loved the decorations on the arbour. 

We feel so lucky that you were able to provide the flowers for our wedding and

we cannot thank you enough for how beautiful they looked".


"Emma did the most amazing floral arrangement on my arbour... it was amazing,

I couldn't of asked for a more beautiful arbour, headpiece and bouquet.

Emma was super easy to deal with and

I am sooo happy I chose Floral and Mineral for my wedding".


"I just wanted to thank Emma from the bottom of my heart for the

beautiful bouquets she created for our wedding in April.

I had sent her a couple of photos of what I wanted a cross between of,

and what I got in return was more beautiful and perfect than

I could have possibly asked for. Thank you so very much Emma"!


"Floral & Mineral was the floral stylist at our recent wedding
I cannot thank her enough, the flowers were perfection!"


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