You probably noticed on my Contact Form that I don't service Saturday Weddings (unless of course a Friday delivery can be made). This is because I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist and observe what we call the "Sabbath". Some people are familiar with this because it's also a Jewish ritual. The Sabbath observence for a Seventh-Day Adventist comes directly from the 10 Commandments in the Bible. We set the day aside (Saturday) to spend time with God & our church community, and we also rest from work on this day.  The Sabbath day begins from sun down on Friday night to sun down on Saturday night. This does change the way I do business in the following ways: 

1. I don't do Saturday weddings at all, unless of course they can be set up on Friday (before sun down) or a delivery can be made. I'm happy to do this :) 

2. I  do take on Friday weddings, however,  Friday weddings that require break down (pack up vases, urns, arbours, hanging installations) need a special discussion with me. I don't charge for break down on Friday weddings, because I ask the client to break down the wedding themselves. Every wedding is unique in this regard, so it's just a discussion that will need to be had before you decide to go ahead with me. Not having to pay breakdown does save you a lot of money and it also means you (or your guests) can take the beautiful flowers home with you to enjoy. You have paid for them, so you are entitled to take them! I just require that my equipment is returned to me or an arrangement is made for me to pick them up some time after your wedding. Obviously, if anything goes missing there will be a charge for this. I have arranged many different ways to do this  & I'm happy to discuss something that works for us both. I most definitely will not charge you for breakdown for Friday weddings. 


1. I get genuinely excited about new ideas!  And I just can't wait to hear yours! 

2. I used to be a high school teacher, so forgive me if I scare you with me overly organised approach to your wedding! 

3. I love to be creative, so I tend to use my creative license on most of my weddings. I like to take your ideas and make them even more amazing than you could imagine. So, if there is something you are scared I might "over do" .. let me know! Just a little tip or note from you saying "can you calm down on the arbour or table decorations" would suffice : )