Ryan & Jo

When I rocked up and saw that Dom Cherry was taking photos of this wedding, my heart sang! "Hooray, I'm going to get amazing photos!" ... I kinda of knew that anyway because the subjects were drop dead gorgeous. I was nervous actually to work with orchids, but my amazing Melbourne suppliers, Ultimate Flowers, were so helpful in the process of purchasing these EXPENSIVE goodies! I was also nervous about working away from home and in a different state, but also worked out so well & I can't wait to do more! 

The first night, I stayed in Melbourne at my Aunty & Uncle's place and did most of the prep in their driveway! The next night I stayed down on the Victorian Peninsular in a little town called (I can't remember now, but it was quaint & cute ) ... it was somewhere near Terindah Estate where the wedding was. I did the flowers in my motel room & shoved the buttonholes into the bar fridge to keep them alive & I had the air-con cranking! The owner of the motel I stayed in was so understanding & was actually really excited to see buckets of flowers coming in. Bless him, because others would just see the huge mess that is about to happen. I guess ignorance is bliss!  

Because the wedding ceremony was 8:30am in the morning (I know, amazing!), I woke up 3:00am the morning to finish the details. First thing I did was go aimlessly foraging around the neighbourhood in the dark. I couldn't see a thing! I put my car lights on one tree that I thought looked like it had pretty foliage and started snipping. A lady in her dressing gown came out the front of her house & started pointing at the car to her husband! My heart was racing! I tell you, being a florist is risky business! The tree was free game in my opinion. It was just on the side of the road and didn't look like anyone's property. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but I sped off in my red commodore hire car looking like a criminal, but alas with a boot full of beautiful greenery! Oh the joys & adventures of floristry. But back to this gorgeous wedding and it's subjects. Have you ever seen such a stunning bride? The bridesmaid jumpsuits were just SO beautiful, the venue amazing & the high heels, well they were high! Check out these gorgeous, magazine worthy photos by Dom Cherry!