YAY! I'm so glad to have locked you in for an interview on my 'Slow Hustle' podcast. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to share your wonderful experience, expertise & heart with my audience. They're going to love you! 


Name *
What would you like to be called on the podcast?
Do you have a special microphone? *
A podcasting mic? Or other type of mic? Rode mic? No stress if you don't!
Do you have headphones with a microphone? *
Your apple headphones are a good example of this.
Can you wear headphones for the interview? *
Headphones ensure that we don't get any feedback or 'echos' on the audio recording.
Do you have skype or can you download skype onto your computer?
We will use Skype phone to record the podcast. This is one of the best ways to get well recorded audio.
Please list below any significant accomplishments you've had/made in your business. For example, a magazine publication, an award, profit you've made, any growth data, instagram followers etc.
What keeps you up at night? What are you working on or towards in your business right now? For example, writing a book, travelling to Paris, photographing for Kinfolk magazine, creating an online course.
No need to answer this question if nothing comes to mind.
No need to answer this question if nothing comes to mind.
How do you feel about being on the podcast?
We will send you interview questions shortly so you can feel a little more prepared. We will also have a time before the episode is recorded to talk through everything & test the sound levels etc.
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