Limpinwood Valley 

As much as I sometimes to make my bouquets look like someone else's that I've seen or been inspired by, every time they always ended up looking like my bouquets. I don't know what it is, my technique or what I really like deep down, but they always ended up looking wild and foraged. I think that's the biggest advice I can give to other florists, and that's to embrace your style. It will always suit you and you'll attract clients you love because of it. I love that in each of these bouquets below there are bits of foraged material. An interesting leaf, a twig or vine. I always find that what I forage is always the finishing touch my bouquets need. If I'm rushed and I don't have time to adventure out and find some interesting bits of greenery, I'm never as satisfied with the finished product. I always feel like something is missing. I did this shoot at the beginning of last year, but I'm still proud of it. 

Featured on White Magazine's blog, you can check out there take on it here:

Thanks to the amazing girls who helped out with this shoot! 

Photos: Hannah Puechmarin from Lost in Wishful Thinking 

Makeup & Hair: Blush and Bangs Beauty 

Location: Limpinwood Valley at my friends property (It's stunning!) 

Silks: Song Bird Silk (My go to silk lady!) 

Model 1: Alice Macdonald 

Model 2: Madeline Seeley 

Model 3: Emily Whitlock