Lagoon to the Moon Cover

This was a fun day galavanting around with some very talented friends, Tess, Amanda, Cherie & Jamin. It was a bit like a potluck. We all foraged until our hearts were content & then laid our findings on the ground of Tess's blue room and began sticking our collections onto her neon light "Lagoon to the Moon". It's the name of her online magazine, which is such an inspiring, amazing collection of stories, creative projects and art by people all over Australia. Tess has a heart for people and she saw this magazine as an opportunity for people to share their creative talents with one another and create an encouraging, artistic community. I was honoured to be involved.

On another note, there seems to be this unspoken rule between creatives that iPhones & cameras being out all the time is A-OK. Actually, if you don't have yours out, the unspoken question is "what are you doing! You need to be documenting this!"  I love that about these guys especially. They snap-chatted the day like Ive never seen snap chat been used before. It was motivating. I signed up that day just because they were doing it. I love these creative souls and can't wait to work with them again. 

Here is a collection of photos behind the scenes of the front cover of Issue 2. 

You can purchase the magazine here 

A huge shout out to owner & founder of the magazine (who is also an amazing Graphic Designer- she did my logo!) Tess Guinery, founder of "One Minute Film", The Honest Jones, the amazing Graphic Design & Photography skills of  Cherie Allan & Jamin Binning