Jared & Kylie

These two! Jared, or should I call him Pr Jared, was my pastor, but also a really great friend of my husband & me. And Kylie and I go way back to College days. Kylie is an inspiration of mine. She's an artist & does amazing watercolour & ink paintings. She has an eye for detail, she's a deep thinker and one of the most kind and thoughtful people I know. I know she put so much thought into her wedding day, but didn't let it take away from the thought she put into the marriage she was about to embark on. I know for these two, their love was the most important decoration of the day. I just love that! But that didn't stop them, of course, from making the other elements of the day look gorgeous too. Kylie, and her artist self, sent me an 8 page document of the colours she was wanting in her bouquet. I loved it! She was so organised & knew exactly what she wanted. The greenery handing  at Osteria took a few more hours than I anticipated, but it was so worth it! Check out the gorgeous photos! The ceremony was at the beautiful Murwillumbah SDA church and the reception was at Osteria, Casuarina