I'm so excited to be involved in your wedding! And I can't wait to chat with you about all of your exciting ideas and wedding aspirations. This first meeting is so important so thank you for taking the time to meet up and discuss your flowers. This meeting will help me to better understand the look you are going for. It will also be important for you to read the information on this page before the meeting so that you understand what I will require from you in the meeting and also how I run my business. Before you read any further here are just a couple of things to note: 

1. The consultation costs $25 (payment below) & I require this to be paid before the meeting. Payment method is at the bottom of this page. This is just to say "I'm serious about using you as my florist and I value the time and planning you will put into this meeting". 

2. My consultations are for weddings with a budget over $3,000. If your budget is less than this, I would recommend letting me know before the meeting and we can discuss my "Ala Carte" options instead. You can read more about them here. 


1. Your dream. If you could do absolutely anything, what would you do?

2. We go through all of the photos you've sent me and talk about what you love about them & what you don't love about them. (And I take lots of notes to make sure I get everything down on paper!) 

3. I show you some photos and inspiration that I think you will love. You tell me what you love about them & what you don't love about them (And, again, I take lots of notes!) 

4. We talk budget. What's your budget? I explain to you how much I think everything would realistically cost. 

5. We talk contract so that you know right from the beginning what you're getting yourself into! 

6. We schedule a 2nd meeting. In this meeting I will present you with a Visual Proposal (10-15 pages of inspirational photos, colour palette and pricing). Learn more about the second meeting here. 


1. Send me a folder of photos that you love at least one day before the consultation. This can be anything! If you have no idea about flowers, these photos can be of other things (houses you love, ocean shots, a garden or painting you love). I just wanted to learn all about you and your style. Your wedding should be unique, because you're unique! 

2. If you have any pictures of your dress or bridesmaid dresses, send them to me also before the consultation. The more photos you send me the better!

3. Talk budget with those who are paying for your wedding beforehand and come with a figure in mind. Part of the meeting is you sharing with me your budget, but also me educating you a little on the cost of things.   

4. Come with open eyes and be prepared to be challenged, inspired and even more excited about your wedding day!  

5. Add emmajanelemke into your Skype contacts. 


You probably noticed on my Contact Form that I don't service Saturday Weddings (unless of course a Friday delivery can be made). This is because I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist and observe what we call the "Sabbath". Some people are familiar with this because it's also a Jewish ritual. The Sabbath observence for a Seventh-Day Adventist comes directly from the 10 Commandments in the Bible. We set the day aside (Saturday) to spend time with God & our church community, and we also rest from work on this day.  The Sabbath day begins from sun down on Friday night to sun down on Saturday night. This does change the way I do business in the following ways: 

1. I don't do Saturday weddings at all, unless of course they can be set up on Friday (before sun down) or a delivery can be made. I'm happy to do this :) 

2. I  do take on Friday weddings, however,  Friday weddings that require break down (pack up vases, urns, arbours, hanging installations) need a special discussion with me. I don't charge for break down on Friday weddings, because I ask the client to break down the wedding themselves. Every wedding is unique in this regard, so it's just a discussion that will need to be had before you decide to go ahead with me. Not having to pay breakdown does save you a lot of money and it also means you (or your guests) can take the beautiful flowers home with you to enjoy. You have paid for them, so you are entitled to take them! I just require that my equipment is returned to me or an arrangement is made for me to pick them up some time after your wedding. Obviously, if anything goes missing there will be a charge for this. I have arranged many different ways to do this  & I'm happy to discuss something that works for us both. I most definitely will not charge you for breakdown for Friday weddings. 


1. I get genuinely excited about new ideas!  And I just can't wait to hear yours! 

2. I used to be a high school teacher, so forgive me if I scare you with me overly organised approach to your wedding! 

3. I love to be creative, so I tend to use my creative license on most of my weddings. I like to take your ideas and make them even more amazing than you could imagine. So, if there is something you are scared I might "over do" .. let me know! Just a little tip or note from you saying "can you calm down on the arbour or table decorations" would suffice : ) 


1. After the first meeting I spend a week creating a Visual Proposal for you. These proposals are between 10-15 pages long and have every element and detail inside them from your personal flowers to reception. It will also outline all of the costs associated with executing your dream flowers. I provide a cost for bridal party, ceremony, reception and also logistics and labour. Once I have created this document, we meet again and go through each page. The price at the end is usually a lot higher than your original budget, because I have included EVERYTHING you dreamed of and sometimes even some additional ideas I've come up while doing the proposal. After looking through everything and the prices you can take away what you like so the final price is something you are comfortable with. I much rather show you everything and have you choose which elements you want to keep or take away, rather than me deciding that for you. 

2. Once you are happy with the price, we go through my contract and make sure you are comfortable with everything you are committing to. 

3. Then I require a 25% to lock in your date. Once your date is locked in, I put your name into my project management tool which I have designed to make sure I am on top of everything I need to do leading up to and on your wedding day. I have a step by step process which I follow for each wedding. For example, one of the steps is "contact other suppliers before the wedding" and "contact venue regarding set up time" and "notify the bride that her final payment is due". This way you can relax and I take the lead.  I want you to feel relaxed, organised and on top of everything to do with your wedding flowers. I make sure you don't miss any of the finer details. 

4. We then meet up one last time a month or so before your wedding where we finalise all the last minute details. 

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