Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not exactly sure what style I want yet. Can I book you and then change my mind?

Yes, of course! We’ve been brides ourselves, so we know exactly what it’s like to plan a wedding. There is so many decisions to make and having the flexibility make changes is important. We allow any changes up until 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Do keep in mind, however, that we only allow for 2 sets up revisions after your deposit. So if you have changes, I would write them down as they come to you and then send us an email to change everything at once for you. Does that make sense? That saves us making a gazillion little changes along the way. It is also important to keep in mind that we allow the overall price of the quote to increase, but not decrease after a deposit is made. We have a sales goal that we need to meet each year in order to stay in business. It’s important for us to know that what is promised will come through, because we turn down other opportunities to prioritise your wedding.

It says on your website that you don’t do Saturday weddings, is that true?

Yes, that is true. We are actually Seventh-day Adventists, so we don’t do work on the Sabbath, which is Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.

However, we do offer our Ala A Carte service for anyone planning to get married on a Saturday and requires only a small amount of florals that can be easily picked up on a Friday afternoon.  

Friday weddings? It says you do not pack down Friday weddings. What do we do?

Don’t fret! There are so many things that can be done.

  1. The flowers are yours to keep! Get a friend or relative to take them home after the wedding and then return any hired equipment to use later.

  2. If there are some installations, the venue often has a pack down fee & you can ask them whether they would be happy to do this. If you are having your wedding at Summergrove Estate, for example, they often a pack down package.

  3. If you are having installations installed by another company, they often offer (for a small extra fee) to dismantle the florals. This is also another very feasible option.

What is the cheapest way to do my flowers?

We completely get that weddings are an expensive ordeal. Everything is really an investment and we think flowers are an important investment on your wedding day. There are ways to still have a beautiful wedding and save a little money on flowers if you wish. Click here and scroll down to page 17 of the PDF to see some ideas on how to save money.