Caroline & Ross

This gorgeous girl was so simple & easy to please. Sometimes I have a lot to do with the overall planning & aesthetics of a wedding & sometimes I'm just in charge of delivering flowers and being surprised (pleasantly) when I do! I'm always so amazed with how the bride has pulled all the beautiful elements of the day together. This was one of those weddings that when I rocked up I was "wowing" over all the little thoughts & plans that went into it. Mostly I was "wowing" of the two little ones and the cuteness as they rocked their flower crowns. All in all, the day seemed perfect, the hedges were lining up meticulously, it was bright & cloudy,  the birds were signing, the fig tree was glistening and the vibes were similar to the music from a relaxed Jamaican cafe (I've personally never experience that, but I'm sure it would be the exact same vibe!). 

Images: Fig Tree Photography & other vendors at the bottom of this page.