Best Picnic Ever

This was indeed the "Best Picnic Ever", because who would ever go to this much trouble for a picnic you might ask. Well, me of course. Tammi and were keen to collaborate on something. She wanted to transition more into lifestyle photography and I wanted to add a strand of "styling" to my business. I don't advertise it much, but when opportunities come up I take them. 

This picnic was an adventure with friends Tammi Joske,  Miya Two Warm Hands  & Caitlin. We styled up a rustic picnic in the paddocks of Kingscliff. Brown snakes and all! It could have been fatal, but we all survived. I wish I captured a photo of the slithery thing slinking through our picnic, but it was all too frightening to think! 

What I loved about this shoot the most, were the thistle looking weeds I found in the paddock and added to the table. I brought blooms & foliage with me (as I always do), but the best thing was found right there on location. That always happens. 

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