Bec & Riley 

The best thing ever about being a florist, is meeting so many amazing people. It gives me an excuse to give strangers a huge hug and say "cogratulations" and "all the best" or "you look amazing"! Bec, became more than a stranger though. She's now what I consider a fabulous friend of mine.

I hopped in the car with her and Brooke (the photographer) to scout out her Byron Bay wedding location and I vividly remember it, because Bec immediately turned around from the front seat (I was in the back), looked me straight in the eye and asked "tell me all about the Sabbath". I loved it! She asked me a million questions about my life and my aspirations. I found this strange, because she cared about me, when really the wedding was all about her!! But I learned to love this about Bec. She has a heart for people & cares deeply for them. It didn't take me long to realise that. The 45 minutes car trip was bliss, we discussed God, the Sabbath, creativity, and our common urge to make beautiful things and share beautiful relationships with people. Brooke chimed in too and we had this amazing discussion all the way to Byron. No mention of the wedding. 

When we got to the venue, Brooke & I put on our "industry hats" and went into full swing "find the perfect spot" mode. Which we did! And it was surrounded by horses, weeds, trees and horse poo (or manure should I say?). It was perfect. Bec loved it. Brooke loved it. I loved it! It was THE spot. And Bec didn't even want the owner to scoop up the poo. 

We discussed the flowers on location and spoke about making them really natural so they blend in with the environment. Bec loved the idea of having thistles in the bouquet because of Riley's heritage, so I did just that! To match it, they also had a bagpipe player and Riley wore a kilt. And if you didn't think it could get any more dreamy, Bec rode in on a white horse. It was much like a fairy tale, except it was true.  And Bec & Riley were in love, and there was no denying that was true! Check them out! 

Beautiful, gorgeous, phenomenal photos by Brooke Adams