Aden & Sharon 

I love that with each bride there is a unique bouquet that perfectly captures their personality. Sharon is wild & free, raw & earthy and that’s how we styled her entire wedding. We used deep reds and purples to directly contrast with the blue/green bridesmaid dresses to create impact. I foraged for wildflowers and greenery to add to the locally farm sourced lisianthus and roses, to get that natural, wild, floral look.

Nature speaks volumes to the way that florals should be arranged. You don’t see flowers growing rigidly & methodically in their natural environment. Instead, you see creeping vines wandering in any direction they please, hedges refusing to remain in their boxed shape and flowers, each unique and different, growing with different heights, shades, shapes, and textures. Some flowers refuse to be confined and float above the rest, while others grow out sideways from their shrubbery. I love that they just do what they please. And, that’s how I like to use them. When I’m working with flowers, they tell me what to do, I don’t tell them. It works best that way. 

Amazing photos by White Lane Studio