Photos: The Honest Jones & River Bennett

This girl, Tess Guinery, is a cup of soup to the soul. She is cheery, positive, encouraging, honest and real. Her design work is next level fabulous. She is the brains & engineer behind the Floral & Mineral logo (and doesn't it look great!?) She has a stuntman for a husband, a daughter named Peaches and a vintage clothing label, with her sister Sharee, The Gray girls. Yep, she's an inspiration. Hear more from her below...

What's your name?

Tess Guinery

Where do you live?

Currently living on the Gold Coast - just moved here from Sydney.

Tell us about your family.

Our little family consists of me (Tess), my husband Caleb and our little 17 month old girl, Peaches Wilde. There is no shortage of love, adventure, creativity and chaos in this little abode of ours. My husband, Caleb, is a Stuntman (yes you heard right). He does crazy tricks for movies and TV shows for a living, whilst I'm a full time mumma - designer and somewhere among it all, I also run a vintage label (The Gray Girls) with my sister Sharee... did I mention that life is full???

We love to socialise, host dinners (where Caleb cooks and I set the ambiance and light candles). We enjoy quieter nights too... at least once a week play skip-bo and enjoy a glass of wine, whilst listening to Caleb's extensively and carefully curated Spotify playlist. We have a passion for people and the friendships we have been blessed with. Creativity is something we daily try to make a habit of, whether it be taking a photo. picking an outfit for the day... or working on a design project... Creativity spurs creativity.... Our life isn’t perfect but we love what we have been given! 

What inspires you?

I have so many creative heroes! I’m basically inspired by anyone who is living their creative dream! I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many people that are uber creative and also happen to be some of my closest friends - too many to name them all! I have friends that are writers, film makers, videographers, photographers, furniture makers, stylists and fashion gurus. Such a high calibre of creative personality types in my circle! I’m daily challenged and encouraged by each of them. I’m also married to a stunt man. My husband is one of my biggest inspirations - he chased his dream and is actually doing it!!!!

If you were a flower what would it be?

A sunflower - I come alive in the sun and feel less motivated in the dark.

My favourite neighbourhood is...

and was our recent home in Dee Why. I can not explain in words the community that we experienced there as a family. We were double blessed with neighbours who we have adopted as family for life. Still no words.

The best medicine is...

Water, prayer, laughter and making sweet love (lol)

I have creative impulses when...

I drink coffee

If I had a twin it most definitely would be...

An answer to more productivity - double the creative ventures.

I’m learning to...

default to the brighter side of life, my human default can sometimes be very melancholy

My creative constraints are...

Juggling motherhood, life, relationships, family, social life and work! Still haven't found the perfect balance.