Gayle (Cape to Byron Photography) is a close friend of mine. We roomed together while we were at university and always had bucket loads of fun and laughs. She is one of my biggest inspirations; always chasing her dreams, the ocean and some summer rays. She is the most positive person I know, always embracing life's challenges with a smile & is willing to make changes, when they are needed, boldly. You will see her photos here and there throughout my website. Love her work! And love her!

What's your name?

Gayle Martin

What do you do?

I'm a mumma to Talloh Rose, photographer (& if this were a job...eternally dreaming up my next trip)

Where do you live?

Byron Bay

Tell us about your family.

I am South African, with a big (and loud) extended family. (Many many cousins!) I have one sibling, a lovely older sister who lives in Canada with her husband and baby boy. My parents also live in Canada (where they have lived for the past 16 years!)

What inspires you?

Beauty in every day surroundings. This inspires me to continually photograph what I see. Waking up and loving life. Other creative souls with a passion for what they do.

If you were a flower what would it be?

A sunflower. Always seeking those beautiful warm rays.


is where the heart is. Therefore I believe you can have two homes, as a piece of my heart is still in my homeland, South Africa.

For solitude I...

go into nature. The beach is my favourite escape.

The best medicine is...

a joyful heart.

The path to success...

is paved with lots of learning curves. We can sometimes confuse these curves with 'failures'. Doing what you love and learning along the way is most certainly not a failure. As long as you wake up happy every day, continuing on towards your goals - I believe you have already succeeded.

The school of life has taught me...

to always look on the bright side. Life is what you make of it. Also, travel often! See as much of the world as you can. The more you see, the more you realise you've barely scratched the surface. Talk to as many people as you can. Everyone has a story.

My creative escape is ...

travel travel travel! Seeing a place for the first time is my ultimate creative top up. So much to capture! There's never enough time (or battery life).